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Originally Posted by LostShayid (View Post)
For me the show was never the same, because I really liked Maggie's portrayal of Shannon. She was my favorite female of the 4 original female leads and I wanted to know how her relationship with Sayid would have developed when they both left the island and Sayid met Nadia.
Well I think the show was still good but I just think they killed Shannon off way to early, she wasn't my favorite but I think if she stayed on longer she would have eventually became one of my favorite. I agree it would have been so interesting to see how it would've been if Sayid was with Shannon and they left the Island and Sayid met up with Nadia.

I would have liked to see that triangle.... mainly to see how Sayid would be. How his being conflicted would be.

I think that Shannon brought the lightness to his world.
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