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Originally Posted by eternal◘fate (View Post)
It didn't make sense to me as well.... especially as to why they killed her off so early.
Probably they did it for shock value?
Yeah, I never got that either.. Probably she was killed off, because we had too many main characters with the introduction of the 3 taillies. Although this doesn't make sense for me cause Ana Lucia, Libby and Eko died just a couple episodes later.
I know that Cuse and Lindelof said that her death served a "a number of story purposes, the most important being, that [they] wanted the tail section people, and [the] core group of castaways to be sort of forced to merge under incredibly uncomfortable circumstances" (source lostpedia shannon).
Although I think that Boone had just died, and Shannon died too fast after him. It was just a gap of 10 episodes and both were main characters.
For me the show was never the same, because I really liked Maggie's portrayal of Shannon. She was my favorite female of the 4 original female leads and I wanted to know how her relationship with Sayid would have developed when they both left the island and Sayid met Nadia.
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