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Sounds like you are having a rough go right now I really wish I could just hang out with you for real I am really sorry about the no jobs in your field hun.. I know how annoying and exhausting that must be. I remember when I couldn't get any jobs in my field either. after about 6 months.. I had to move to Queensland to even have a shot at doing what I loved. It takes some time.. but I will be praying and wishing that you finally get a shot soon, hun The boyfriend maybe leaving sucks also.. but it's not for certain if he is.. so try not to worry about that too much. I just want to give you big cuddle, Twinee

Very nice.. especially because Jacob actually means it
I definitely am I wish I could hang out with you for real too Nikki I could totally use some real-Twinee time and it's very exhausting been searching for 10 months now. and you had to move to get your job huh? Bet it was worth it though and thank you for the prayers I definitely need em and it does I'd really hate if he left cause feel like we could have something specia and I like him so much. and thanks for the wanting to give me a cuddle Twinee you'd be one of the few I'd let do that

and yeah that title works for whoever wants to open it.
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