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Originally Posted by Pattinson's Pitbull (View Post)

Just a lot of things are happening at once I haven't found a job in my field yet and can only afford to stay where I'm at for another yr on the salary I get now and I don't wanna move back home that's just not an option I wanna pursue and the BF might be moving cause his job doesn't pay him well either and his dad has a job in Texas if he wants it so I'll be crushed if he has to leave so I definitely need some Twinee time

and yeah be amazing to use Jacob being nice about them as a title.
Sounds like you are having a rough go right now I really wish I could just hang out with you for real I am really sorry about the no jobs in your field hun.. I know how annoying and exhausting that must be. I remember when I couldn't get any jobs in my field either. after about 6 months.. I had to move to Queensland to even have a shot at doing what I loved. It takes some time.. but I will be praying and wishing that you finally get a shot soon, hun The boyfriend maybe leaving sucks also.. but it's not for certain if he is.. so try not to worry about that too much. I just want to give you big cuddle, Twinee

Very nice.. especially because Jacob actually means it
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