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Originally Posted by Serenachan (View Post)
Jefferson isn't in the premiere. At least, he wasn't in the first script page (remember when we analyzed it after Adam posted it?) and he wasn't seen on set during that ep.
There were pics of him on set while the premiere was filming. I remember being surprised to see him, because like you said, his name wasn't in the script. Maybe they added him in last minute? Either that or he was shooing pickups for episode 2. This was after Josh tweeting about episode 2 being finished.

Originally Posted by ElizaSparrow (View Post)
Taragenie: No one knows if Emma & Snow will be in epi 4 cause there are absolutely NO news of them. But hopefully we'll see them in their other world
We'll definitely be seeing them a lot in episode 3. We only got pics of the cast filming for 1 day in Steveston for that episode, which makes me think the majority of the scenes were of Emma and Snow, wherever they are. We got those tweets about Emma, Snow, and Lancelot filming at Dear Lake. Plus the fact that it's a Snow centric. I'm guessing we won't see them in episode 4 since it's Rump/Gold centric and the previous episode will be all about them.

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