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Originally Posted by Serenachan (View Post)
- Snow and Emma storyline from wherever they are (FTL/purgatory/flashsideways world/Disneyland???)
- Plus something for Regina to do
I don't think there's room for Jefferson too.

Ugh, I just realized that this storyline probably means we won't get any Mad Swan scenes oh well. If the rumors that Ginny and Jen were seen filming with Sinqua is true, I guess I'll have to start shipping Emma and Lancelot Though life.
I don't remember hearing anything about Regina, Emma, or Snow in episode 4. What did I miss? I think I'm behind on my spoilers.

Yeah I hope Emma and Jefferson interact in the premiere, because if they don't, it will be a while before they can have scenes together again. I heard Sebastian will be really busy soon, which is why they made sure to bring him back a lot in the beginning of the season.
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