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Originally Posted by ring of fire (View Post)
I think Jefferson is in episodes 2, 3 & 4. I'm sure he isn't in 5 because he's with Jen in LA now.
Do we have confirmation that he's in episode 4? Because that's already the Hook episode, so in that episode we're going to have:
- Belle being kidnapped
- Charming/Red/Rumples/whatever looking for her
- Introduction of Hook
- Rumples/Hook storyline in flashback
- Possibly Rumples' wife or whoever the "Milha" chick is from the casting calls
- Snow and Emma storyline from wherever they are (FTL/purgatory/flashsideways world/Disneyland???)
- Plus something for Regina to do
I don't think there's room for Jefferson too.

I have a feeling Belle isn't going to be like Claire but the cast is still an ensemble so it's possible she misses two or three episodes this season. I thought she was in episode 3 for sure after all those pictures that came out. I thought those pictures were from episodes 2 & 3. Also even if we don't get pictures it doesn't mean she isn't in the episode. We have barely got Jen and Ginny pictures and it's obvious they are going to be in every episode.
How many episodes did Rumple miss last season? It was at least 3 or 4, I think. So if he misses just as many this year, that'll be how many Belle misses, as well. I don't think they'll have Belle without Rumple.

Koodles: I'm not even sure we'll even see Snow & Emma so much now, because it's been like years that we haven't got news of them seen on set or near it
I am 100% sure we'll see Snow and Emma a lot. They are the two female leads and their relationship seems to be the 1# priority for Adam and Eddy (remember how they said that Lost was about father&sons, and OUAT is about mothers and daughters?). And this storyline they're gonna have away from the rest seems created specifically to focus on their relationship without any distractions (love interests, fights with Regina, etc)

Ugh, I just realized that this storyline probably means we won't get any Mad Swan scenes oh well. If the rumors that Ginny and Jen were seen filming with Sinqua is true, I guess I'll have to start shipping Emma and Lancelot Though life.
"Hook is the first person who hasn't let her down. He's always been good to her and shown up for her. That's been her biggest issue with how many times she's been abandoned and left behind, and Hook shows up for her." ~ Jennifer Morrison
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