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You enjoyed Micheal in Season 5?
I agree with you on Michael, he was annoying and I agree why he did it. People would do crazy things to protect the ones they love.

I always wondered could Michael have went through with the killing if it was someone he knew in the room? like he didn't really have a great introduction with Ana, and didn't really know Libby.

Like if it was Sun and.... Jack in the room, could he have shot them?... I don't think so... It would've been harder for him to pull the trigger.

Although if it was one thing Michael did, it was have the most shocking moment in LOST history. I really didn't see that coming. I was just like I was in disbelief.


Yes Locke/Walt scenes were great, I always wondered why Walt instantly connected with Locke. I loved that they reunited at one time when he was a bit older.
He may have left his badge at my place.
He left it at your place?

All right, maybe I lifted it off of him in the morning.

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