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Fave Lost characters: Mr. Eko, Sayid, Miles Straume, Juliet Burke and Desmond Hume.

I have a love/hate relationship with Sawyer and Jack....

Honorable Mentions: Richard Alpert, Jin-Soo Kwon, Hurley and Benjamin Linus(for his awesome quotes lol)

Fave Lost couples: I'll just say when it comes to the whole Jack/Kate/Sawyer thing. During S1-S3, I was Skate all the way... but then Kate made me not like them anymore, cause it seemed she was only using him cause she was really in love with Jack, which through me off because during the first two season I had the impression she was into Sawyer more.
Jack/Kate I like more during S5-S6.. and I love them in the first couple of episodes of Season 1, but I never truly shipped a couple from that whole deal.

Now back to favorite couples. Sawyer/Juliet: It really came out of no where and I really enjoyed it more then I expected too and Sawyer grew so much when being with her, and she loved him for who he was. Sayid/Shannon, opposites really do attract. I didn't appreciate there relationship until Shannon died, I finally get why Sayid loved her when I kept watching more and more of his backstory. She was probably like the lightness to all his darkness. With Nadia, he truly loved her but she was with his brother... and it was just all not good. With Shannon everything was new and different, I guess.

Juliet/Jack - If it wasn't for him, no one would've trusted her in the gang. I just loved them during S3 and enjoyed only a friendship later on.

Penny and Desmond - There was just something about them that caught me captivated, I loved it.

Charlie/Claire - Not my favorite but they were my favorite during Season 1.
Also I got a love/hate relationship with Jin/Sun.

Why do you love Lost: I don't know if I can just say one reason but I'll say it's a unique show, it starts with a bang. A group of people from a plan [that crashed] that are on a Island. It's really different from shows I usually watched. I love all the different types of characters on the show, no one is just 'all too good' or really all the evil, everyone has a motive and a reason for being the way they are. I'd admit, there were times during the show where I was very confused but it was still fun to watch and complete in three weeks.

Fave Lost moment: It's actually the last moment 2x07 'The Other 48 Days' I love when the episode recapped everything that happened for some reason.
That Sawyer&Juliet moment from Season 5, Episode 17 “The Incident, Part 2″ was just amazing just incredible acting by Holloway and Elizabeth.

The show really did have some amazing moments, it's difficult to just choose one.

How did you get hooked on Lost?: I just really enjoyed the concept of the show, but I really gotta say I became kind of hooked during episode 'House of the Rising Sun' but I wasn't 100% hooked on it yet. I was just watching the episodes just to be watch it... I was just trying to hurry through the seasons honestly. So it really took all the way to episode 1x18: Numbers. I was surprised how much I loved the episode. It had me laughing because of the Hurley life events that was going on but it still remained a great episode, we find out how serious those lottery numbers are.

Sorry for that long
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