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I looooved their interactions and I totally ship it. Is that wrong?
Oh I hope not because I ship it too! I actually think that Demetrius and Aislinn have good energy together. Their timing was spot on.

Also good was the way Clare is going about getting her story out there. I was really worried this would quickly fall into fantasy land but I think the writers are playing this storyline true to life which is great because it's an important one. Clare's not one to let things go but looking up past interns is a smart way to get the "evidence" that she needs. I also thought it was a pretty stark contrast to the article about Dallas. Clare knows that she can't try and prove the harassment without a strong backing yet she settled for next to nothing when it came to the article about Dallas. Which is odd considering she seemed pretty cool with him. I do suspect there was a bit of manipulation going on here. Clare's motives for going after Dallas seemed wrapped up in Katie and Jake's. Clare said it herself you mess with my friends you mess with me which is true to her. But it actually shows the writers attitudes as well. Clare really can't just have a storyline about her. They need to tie it into another character's. Ultimately I thought that aspect of the storyline would be worse tonight, but it was problematic enough. Had this plot stuck strictly to Clare's problems and not brought in Jatie's issues with Dallas it would have been a stronger storyline IMO.

Also nice to see Alli. I love that she's really sticking by Clare through this.
laughing all the way~
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