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Not my favorite episode tonight, but it did have a few good moments.

-Toronto is a huge city, so Clare decides to hide school.
-The Ice Hounds drinking beer at school? Something I can actually relate to! And at 11 AM!
-"You look like you could use a beer." Fewer things have made me laugh this summer more than that line and it the way it was delivered.
-Drunk Clare is....well, I can't say I wouldn't mind seeing more of it.
-Jake wanting to fight Dallas both because he tried to kiss Clare and the garden....makes sense.
-Clare: "My journalism senses are tingling" Jake: "That could just be the beer." Ha!
-The more I see of Clare's apparent journalism skills the harder it's becoming for me to believe that anyone would ever hire her to be a journalist.

-So Dave can now not only sing, but he can rap now? Hmm...
-Dave can't get Alli to come cheer him, but what about Connor? Yeah, I don't want him to fade into the woodwork.
-Zig's reaction in the background to Dave's performance was great. That guy has become the king of the background reaction shots.

-Owen being in a study group with Fiona and Imogen? In a season full of oddball pairings that might be the oddest one yet.
-Not much more needs to be said about that plot other then it's obvious Drew and his biggest fan are peddling drugs at that kiosk.

Clare- 62
Drew- 28
Dallas- 24
Bianca- 20
Dave- 14
Alli- 11
Eli- 11
Jake- 11
Tori- 8

Eli- 53
Drew- 30
Clare- 29
Alli- 28
Dave- 23
Fiona- 18
Bianca- 16
Dallas- 14
Adam- 12
Asher- 11

Eli- 50
Becky- 28
Tristan- 28
Adam- 17
Clare- 16
Tori- 13
Dallas- 12
Dave- 11
Imogen- 10
Snake- 10
Jenna- 9
Maya- 8

Clare- 43
Tori- 23
Katie- 20
Adam- 19
Becky- 19
Eli- 19
Tristan- 13
Luke- 9
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