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A-Plot. Damn, Clare is losing it and I don't blame her. It must be infuriating. I don't really blame her for not telling Eli the whole truth, I mean she's clearly not comfortable with it herself, and I don't think she should dump it on him (or she can tell an adult, but this show...) when she's still traumatized. Don't really feel terrible for Dallas and his crew and I loved how it seems like all the plots (The wrecked garden, Katie/Dallas animosity since the ruined presentation, Asher) have all come together.

B-Plot. Sorry, unless he's like selling 10,000 phones a day, he shouldn't have all that money. Unless of course he's splurging and using credit card (Ooh! Another potential storyline! Credit card debt/compulsive shopping!) which will bite him in the ass eventually. Of course Bianca is probably going to say no to him about his proposal, and I don't think they'll break up.

C-Plot. Oh, Bhandurner. It was inevitable, I suppose. Both are going in different directions, Alli's fast-tracking to college and Dave's still a junior. I hope the break-up scene is sweet, a least.

Oh, and this episode had like, a lot of characters in it. I liked that. And I'm pumped for the showdown tomorrow.
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