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Originally Posted by Holland Fan Forever (View Post)
I thought that "Scream" the episode title was the Michael Jackson/Janet Jackson duet? Michael Jackson - Scream - YouTube
I am glad that there are finally 90's music episode titles. 90's music to me was much better than the music we have today.
I have to admit that is not what first came to mind. I couldn't get past the "Whisper to a Scream" end credits blaring in my head when I heard the word Scream.

Actually...since I'm a known horror/thriller movie nut and tomorrow is Alfred Hitchcock's birthday, I'm going to do a swap.

I've already apologized JustMe2000 for taking your week and I'm sorry but this OP is heading in the direction of honoring horror. And the descriptions kinda sorta support that. But please everyone, post your favorite 90s tunes here!
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