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Hmm I don't think it's too bad talking about Dan in the Cho thread. I think this thread would die out ..which I don't want.. I'm not saying we're running out of things to say but technically I think we could say we're still on topic..since Daniel is going to have to kiss whoever Cho is! (what happened to the seekers thread?)

LOL Marauder's Child!!! gutter mind! I think you may have a point there about older girls. I don't think Daniel would really complain too much.

I think it would be weirder for say the older girl to kiss him (if it is but I doubt it). This reminds me of 'My So Called Life'. Jared Leto was about 23 years old and had to do a lot of kissing scenes with Clare Danes. She was about 13/14/15!!! But then again I would'nt complain...Jared Leto...yummmmm!

Back to Cho.
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