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Board Rules/Intros #7: Your Guide to Everything on the Lost Board. (Updated 07/16/12)

Welcome to the LOST Board!

we're watching you
We're glad you've joined us! This thread is the perfect place to start. Here you'll find links to every thread on the board. If you don't see a thread that you would like, just ask us here in this thread, or send a PM to one of the moderators and we'll be able to tell you if it's okay to get one started.
Introduce yourself!
Fave Lost characters:
Fave Lost couples:
Why do you love Lost:
Fave Lost moment:
How did you get hooked on Lost?:
The following are the rules that are specific to the Lost board which we feel will help us keep the board a welcome environment for all posters. However, there are rules for the entire realm of Please do take time to read the Official Fan Forum Rules and Regulations before posting. Remember to read them carefully and please adhere to the rules when posting. Failure to do so will result in abolishment of your posting privileges.

• Currently, we allow anti-character threads on the Lost board. We would also like to point out that although criticism is allowed please express your opinion in a constructive not in a bashful way. A friendly debate is fine, but please respect every poster's opinion. It is also important to keep any anti-conversation about the characters in the show. Talk that bashes the actor or actress playing the part will not be permitted. It is important that we respect each other and this includes the people that put so much time and energy into the show we love.

• Due to the high tension between shippers on this board we currently only allow anti-character threads. No anti-ship threads are allowed.

• Anti-threads on the Lost board are not allowed to use a title. Anti-threads alone come with some tension between posters. Naming the threads just heightens this problem because there is such a fine line between bashing and simply expressing dislike. As moderators we want to try to keep the board a peaceful place for Lost fans to come and discuss the show. This can't happen if there's constant debate over what an appropriate title for an anti-thread is to be.

• Lastly, we highly encourage posters that may be a fan of a character not to venture into that character's anti-thread. Chances are likely that you will not like what you read, and it will only serve to upset you.

• Avatars and signatures that are designed to put down any fictional character or couple or their fans or which make any kind of threatening remark are not permitted, because they can be seen all over Fan Forum and they take away from the positive posting atmosphere that we strive for here.

• Keep your signatures within FF limits. Please see the Official FF Rules for your guide.

• There will be no bashing on this board. We take this rule very seriously. It covers everything – posters, real people (i.e. cast, writers, producers, etc.) and fan bases. There have been problems with veiled and subtle comments against various fanbases and it will not be tolerated. Remember to respect everyone and their opinions. In an effort not to offend or hurt someone please remember to reread your comments before you post. Doing so will help ensure that every poster is respected and bashing is not taking place.

• In addition to that, lurking on opposite threads (those you don’t ship or appreciate) is firmly discouraged. Talking about what other posters have said in their respective threads in your thread will not be allowed.

• This is against Fan Forum rules. Links to any download sites will be edited out. Do not advertise websites that allow downloading of episodes. If you’d like to discuss with other posters, use PM.

• We’ve been lenient about this here though it’s actually a part of the Official Rules. PLEASE DO NOT QUOTE PICTURES! That’s fairly explicable.

• Keep chatty conversations down to a minimum on the discussion threads on our forums, as they detract from legitimate discussions. Now, we're certainly not asking you all to refrain from saying "hey" to all your buddies on the boards, but please do not make that the entirety of your post. If, at the moment, you really can't add something constructive and relevant to the topic of the thread, then we ask that you wait until you can. Being off topic includes things like "Hi" or "How are you?" in a single post and posting only smilies. Keep the discussions on topic about character/ship that thread is dedicated to. From time to time we understand that there will be lulls in discussion, especially when the show is on hiatus for the extended period of time each year. We do take this under consideration, however, for the most part there should not be any off topic chat in the threads.

• We have the Off Topic Thread; use it for your convenience. Any posters caught red handed will receive a PM from us quoting their posts.

Tension between the shipper groups at the Lost board are quite high. As a result rules have been broken in the past. In an effort to curb the ongoing "shipper wars" the board uses a "3-Strike Rule."

The rule is pretty easy to understand. Each shipper group will be given a strike when a rule on the board is broken. Once the second strike has been issued, the moderators will consult with the Moderator Managers about a possible temporary thread closure. All strikes expire 6 months after they've been issued.

We understand that this may appear to be harsh but it has gotten to the point where a simple slap on the hand will not to the trick. Everyone should be respected on the board.

Some of the strikes we will be looking for are the following:
[*]Bashing of Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Juliet in the Copulator and Outlaws thread[*]Bashing and making fun of any couples. Constructive criticism and comparisons are fine, but it will be our discretion as to whether or not it crosses the line.[*]Bashing either fanbase or taking posts from their thread is not allowed[*]Lurking in the other threads is strongly discouraged and members should leave it up to the mods of that thread to control them (but by all means, if you see a rule being broken, report it)[*]Making fun of titles, or using titles that take jabs at the other fanbase is not allowed
Threads With Strikes

Mavie - 0 (issued: | expires: )
Copulators - 0 (issued: | expires: )
Outlaws - 0 (issued: | expires: )

Thank you for taking the time to read all of the rules. While it may seem like a lot, the rules contribute to making this board a welcome and serene place to post. We cannot, of course, do this on our own, we need you guys to know how to self-moderate. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to PM us.

Posting here is a privilege, so please do not find ways for that privilege be revoked. We would like our Lost family to grow day by day, we don’t want banned posters. You will be receiving PM from one of us if ever you violate a rule.

Your cooperation and adherence to the rules are much appreciated.

The Navigation List
episode discussion
Pilot Part One
Pilot Part Two

2.21 (?)
2.22 (3 Minutes)
Season 2 Finale (Live Together, Die Alone)

Season 3 Premiere (A Tale of Two Cities)
3.02 (The Glass Ballerina)
3.03 (Further Instructions)
3.04 (Every Man For Himself)
3.05 (The Cost of Living)
3.06 (I Do)
3.07 (Not in Portland)
3.08 (Flashes Before Your Eyes)
3.09 (Stranger in a Strange Land)
3.10 (Tricia Tanaka Is Dead)
3.11 (Enter 77)
3.12 (Par Avion )
3.13 (The Man from Tallahassee )
3.14 (Exposé)
3.15 (Left Behind)
3.16 (One of Us)
3.17 (Catch 22)
3.18 (D.O.C.)
3.19 (The Brig)
3.20 (The Man Behind the Curtain)
3.21 (Greatest Hits)
3.22 (Through the Looking Glass-Season Finale)

Season 4 Premiere (The Beginning of the End)
4.02 (Confirmed Dead)
4.03 (The Economist)
4.04 (Eggtown)
4.05 (The Constant)
4.06 (The Other Woman)
4.07 (Ji Yeon)
4.08 (Meet Kevin Johnson)
4.09 (The Shape of Things to Come)
4.10 (Something Nice Back Home)
4.11 (Cabin Fever)
Season Finale 4.12 Part 1 (There's No Place Like Home)
Season Finale 4.12 Parts 2&3 (There's No Place Like Home)

Season 5 Premiere 5.01 (Because You Left) & 5.02 (The Lie)
5.03 (Jughead)
5.04 (The Little Prince)
5.05 (This Place Is Death)
5.06 (316)
5.07 (The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham)
5.08 (LaFleur)
5.09 (Namaste)
5.10 (He's Our You)
5.11 (Whatever Happened, Happened)
5.12 (Dead Is Dead)
5.13 (Some Like It Hoth)
5.14 (The Variable) & the 100th episode celebration!
5.15 (Follow the Leader)
Season Finale 5.16 & 5.17 (The Incident)
Season Finale 5.16 & 5.17 (The Incident) #2

Season 6 Premiere 6.01/6.02 (LA X)
6.03 (What Kate Does)
6.04 (The Substitute)
6.05 (Lighthouse)
6.06 (Sundown)
6.07 (Dr. Linus)
6.08 (Recon)
6.09 (Ab Aeterno)
6.10 (The Package)
6.11 (Happily Ever After)
6.12 (Everybody Loves Hugo)
6.13 (The Last Recruit)
6.14 (The Candidate)
6.15 (Across The Sea)
6.16 (What They Died For)
6.17/18 (THE END) #3

FF Rules
Post Count #6
Beach Camp OT #184
Birthday Thread
News and Appearances/FAQs
Cast Appreciation
Fan Pictures #8
Lost Merchandise
Fan Forum Fan Video Awards
Season 1 Discussion
Season 2 Discussion
Season 3 Discussion
Season 6 Discussion
Driveshaft Thread #2
Countdown to Lost's Season 3/S2's DVD
Lost Season 2 DVD Thread: Now you've got it, let's discuss it!
Lost Mysteries/Theories #1
Lost events/fan experiences #1
300 Reasons To Love LOST

character/actor appreciation
Matthew Fox/Dr. Jack Shephard #157
Ana-Lucia Cortez/Michelle Rodriguez #65
James 'Sawyer' Ford/Josh Holloway #133
Boone Carlyle/Ian Somerhalder #18
Kate Austen/Evangeline Lilly #135
Mr. Eko/Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje #4
John Locke/Terry O'Quinn #13
Charlie Pace/Dominic Monaghan #29
Claire Littleton/Emilie de Ravin
Shannon Rutherford/Maggie Grace #11
Libby/Cynthia Watros #4
Sun Kwon/Yunjin Kim #10
Sayid/Naveen Andrews #12
Jin Kwon/Daniel Dae Kim #3
Hugo 'Hurley' Reyes/Jorge Garcia #7
Michael Dawson/Harold Perrineau #2
Walt Lloyd/Malcolm David Kelley #1
Desmond/Henry Ian Cusick #24
Benjamin Linus/Michael Emerson #20
Sarah/Julie Bowen #1
Juliet/Elizabeth Mitchell #52
Nikki/ Kiele Sanchez #1
Paulo/Rodrigo Santoro #1
Alex/Tania Raymonde #1
Daniel Faraday/Jeremy Davies #8
Rebecca Mader/Charlotte #2
Miles Straume/Ken Leung #3
Richard Alpert/Nestor Carbonell #8
Penelope Widmore/Sonya Walger #1
Jacob #2
Smokey/MIB #2
Carmen Reyes #2
Frank Lapidus/Jeff Fahey #4
Ilana/Zuleikha Robinson #1
Ethan Rom/William Mapother #1
JJ Abrams #1

couples/friendship appreciation
Copulators [Jack and Kate}
Outlaws {Skate} #1529
Doctors (Jack/Juliet) #23
LaFleurs (Sawyer/Juliet) #153
Boone/Shannon (Trust Fund Babies) #11
Charlie/Claire/Aaron (Island Family) #79
Jack/Ana-Lucia (Happy Hour) #13
Jin/Sun #34
Sayid/Shannon (Shayid) #15
Bernard/Rose #2
Sayid/Nadia #1
Locke/Claire #1
Sawyer/Ana #1
Mr. Eko/Claire #1
Hurley/Libby #2
Jack/Claire/Aaron #9
Mr. Eko/Ana-Lucia #1
Jack/Sawyer #6
Hurley/Charlie #2
Claire/Aaron #3
Kate/Sun #1
Desmond/Claire #2
Claire/Sawyer #2
Desmond/Penny #5
Karl/Alex #1
Danielle/Alex #1
Kate/Cassidy #1
Kate/Juliet #2
Sawyer/Cassidy #1
Oceanic 6 #1
Sayid/Juliet #1
Jack/Achara #1
Kate/Claire #2
Jack/Hurley #8
Sawyer/Hurley #8
Dan/Charlotte #2
Jack/Richard #1
Kate/Aaron #2
Charlie/Aaron #1
Ben/Richard #1
Jack/Locke #1
Locke/Ben #2
Sayid/Claire #1
Frank/Ilana #1
Illana/Richard #1
MIB/Jacob (Titus/Mark) #1

Actor Friendships
Dominic/Evangeline (Monalilly) #10
Matthew/Evangeline (Hooligans) #100
Josh/Evangeline #35
Dom/Emilie (Domilie) #3
Josh/Elizabeth #1
Damon/Carlton (Darlton) #1

anti-character appreciation
Anti-Jack #40
Anti-Ana-Lucia #27
Anti-Kate #35
Anti-Locke #7
Anti-Libby #3
Anti-Michael #4
Anti-Charlie #1
Anti-Claire #1
Anti-Juliet #15
Anti-Sayid #1
Anti-Sawyer #4
Anti-Hurley #1
Anti-Paolo/Nikki #1
Anti-Others #1

FanArt #10
Icons/Avatars #20
Lost Word Association
This or That #9
Lost Hangman #11
Fan Videos #2
Funny Screencaps
Six Degrees of Lost
Lost ABCs
Trivia #1
Fan Fiction/Poetry/Music
Fun & Interesting Facts
Lost 300 Word Story #7
Lost Hot Seat #2

Which Lost character are you - POLL
Picture Spams #3
Lost Quotes #2
Lost Scrabble

Aussies #5
Polish #19
Italians #33
Dutch/Belgian #1
Filipino/Pinoy #12
British #1
Espanol #5
Germans #7
Brazilians #56
Scandinavians #25
Israeli #1
Canadians #1
Turkish #4
French #1
Arabic #2

We update this as much as possible. If you have made a new thread or if we're missing a thread, please let us know. Thank you.

your Lost Moderators,

BA4eva Sulieter

Now if you're still reading this we've obviously caught your attention We've had some wonderful actors and actresses who have portrayed some of our favourite characters on LOST. We're very lucky to have some of these actors/actresses own boards on and we encourage you to go visit them as well to not only talk about their characters on LOST but also you can find out information on their latest projects!
Here is a list of the boards (Just click on the picture to be taken to that board):

Well I'm sure the guy's out there somewhere.
___ Maybe. But I'm scared to open up my heart like that again.

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