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Threads 1-49

Summer & Ryan #1 - She wants to play him hot and cold...
Summer & Ryan #2 - She likes Chino, don't deny it!
Summer & Ryan #3: They both like getting it on in the poolhouse
Summer & Ryan #4: Because he was so checking her out at the party!
Summer & Ryan #5: Same signs, same lines. Totally meant to be.
Ryan & Summer #6: Because he played with her hair.
Summer & Ryan #7: Because they would look so good together!
Naughties [Ry/Su] #8: He looked down her cleavage. It's love.
Naughties [Ry/Su] #9: Because they deserve a chance!
Naughties [Ry/Su] #10: Cause they're the Nathan/Brooke of Orange Country
Naughties [Ry/Su] #11: Because Season 3 without Ryan/Summer action? EW!
Naughties - [Ry/Su] #12: Because it is SO going to happen
Naughties - [Ry/Su] #13:Because S3 will bring us more naughty scene
Naughties - [Ry/Su] #14:Because He almost got her bathing suite wet
Naughties - [Ry/Su] #15: Her calling him Atwood was the cutest thing EVER!
Naughties [Ryan/Summer] #16
Naughties [Ryan/Summer] #17:Because they'll need each other now more than ever.
Naughties [Ryan/Summer] #18:Because she liked him first!
Naughties [Ryan/Summer] #19: Because they'll take care of eachother.
Naughties [Ryan/Summer] #20: Because he makes her world spin with a smile!
Naughties [Ryan/Summer] #21: Because she came back for him.
Naughties [Ryan/Summer] #22: Because she flew 3000 miles for him
Naughties [Ryan-Summer] #23 Because he doesn't mind taking orders from her
Naughties (Ryan/Summer) #24 B/c They're Connected Through Rabbits!
Naughties (Ryan/Summer) #25 B/c they both had rage issues
Naughties (Ryan/Summer) #26: B/C They're Still Going Strong in our Vids!
Naughties (Ryan/Summer) #27: B/C given the chance, Josh would have gone there!
Naughties (Ryan/Summer) #28: B/C With Our Wishlist, It'll Be The Best Chrismukkah Ever!
Naughties (Ryan/Summer) #29: BC R/S is Contagious!
Naughties (Ryan/Summer) #30: B/C All We Want for Chrismukkah is 30 Ryan/Summer Threads!
Naughties (Ryan/Summer) #31: B/C Summer's in need of some of that slow, gentle, Ryan Atwood love making!
Naughties (Ryan/Summer) #32: B/C Summer's still in need of some of that slow, gentle, Ryan Atwood love making!
Naughties (Ryan/Summer) #33: B/C They both have a punching bag in their room!!
Naughties (Ryan/Summer) #34: B/C Ryan first spoke of Summer in a wet t-shirt!!
Naughties (Ryan/Summer) #35: B/C Summer found Ryan standing up for a girl to be so freaking hot!!!!
Naughties (Ryan/Summer) #36: I'm Gonna Burn For You, You're Gonna Melt For Me
Naughties (Ryan/Summer) #37: B/C Every Girl Needs A White Knight
Naughties (Ryan/Summer) #38: B/C "If you need a ride, or anything.....*eyesex* I'm Summer"
Naughties (Ryan/Summer) #39: B/C At Leat We'll Always Have Music Videos!
Naughties (Ryan/Summer) #40: B/C We Have Our Own Tumblr Page Now!
Naughties (Ryan/Summer) #41: B/C they kept the Fantastic Four going!!
Naughties (Ryan/Summer) #42: B/C Marissa must've seen Summer as a threat to not set her up with Ryan in the Debut!
Naughties (Ryan/Summer) #43: B/C Summer thought Ryan was from Fast and the Furious and boys in fast cars are HOT!
Naughties (Ryan/Summer) #44: B/C Ryan was the REAL reason Summer went to Vegas in The Strip.
Naughties (Ryan/Summer) #45: B/C Ryan definitely has the Summer Flu!
Naughties (Ryan/Summer) #46: Because if only we could apply our creativity to coming up with thread titles!
Naughties (Ryan/Summer) #47: Because once they really start touching each other, they'll never stop!
Naughties (Ryan/Summer) #48: Because Summer's boyfriends always go to Ryan for advice
Naughties (Ryan/Summer) #49: Because they both have great hair & that's what's really important

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