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Yeah I admit I feel a bit old these days on ... I also think it's a lot harder to post on some boards, people are not very eager to welcome you if you haven't been there from the beginning/are part of a clique. So I don't even know.

As for the CW... hm, yes but Hart of Dixie doesn't really aim at teenagers either. Neither does Nikita. I suppose if it comes down to Ringer and another show they will pick the one which is cheaper to produce. As do all networks. Frankly I think the CW is as good as any network... I mean isn't FOX the one that is notorious for cancelling things pretty early on? It's been a long time that I watched anything on NBC (The West Wing) or CBS (Judging Amy). So I don't know where it would be better placed it's not quirky enough for USA. Not a period piece or super super edgy like stuff on AMC. So yeah... anyway. I just keep my fingers crossed that we get a renewal and if it's only for 13 episodes.
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