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Hello DiamondDreaming Nice to see a new member! The whole of DA in one week - wow, but this show is addictive, so I totally understand it

I’ve also been thinking about Sybil becoming a political activist. Yes, it wouldn’t be paid, but let’s face it, as a woman she did not have much of a chance to contribute to household budget at that time. She decided to find a job after her marriage because she likes having something to do, not because of financial reasons. I think that S/T are both aware and accept the fact that it is Tom who will provide for their family; no matter how progressive they are, there were some obstacles that were insurmountable at that time, and I’m afraid that women’s low earnings were one of them. Money, however, is not of much importance for them here, I think – it is an idea behind it. Hence, I do not think that Sybil would mind unpaid work. What is important for her is to do something useful and contribute to the change concerning women’s position in society. Another advantage of such work would be of course more flexible hours, which are so important for women with families.

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