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I'm honestly sorry if you feel offended, then, but believe me it was not my intention . I accept the view that people may not want children because they are afraid of losing their freedom, but many just blow it out of the proportion and start claiming that children are in general a big obstacle to freedom and fulfillment in life (and sometimes start to ridicule people who find fulfillment in having families). Maybe I simply worded my thoughts badly and chaotically and it came off like that. Anyway, I do not, for sure, intend to start any fight . I only hope that you'll no longer be offended by my post. Let's just think about it as a misunderstanding and forget about it .

Originally Posted by eleonor
PS. I disagree that people shouldn't be snarky towards fictional characters. I think that's fully acceptable. Should not be hurting any real people.
I totally accept your view here, but I think people overdo it a bit nowadays, often without any reason . The less hate, the better even when it comes to fictional people .

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