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Originally Posted by Patano (View Post)
Excuse me? I haven't said anywhere that all people are obliged to have children. You completely misunderstood me.
I didn't say you said people are obliged to have children, I was just commenting that someone's personal reasons should not be ridiculed. You said some people connect being a mother with loss of freedom and that that is offensive and sad. I don't see you saying the snarky comments are offensive and sad which is what you actually meant? While I don't think quite so black and white (that being a mother would mean total loss of freedom or it would mean that to everyone) and I agree about the snarky comments, those can still be on a personal level valid reasons not to have children and should not be called offensive and sad.

But you probably didn't mean it to come off like that and I probably misinterpreted so let's not start a fight about this. Plus we are off topic.

PS. I disagree that people shouldn't be snarky towards fictional characters. I think that's fully acceptable. Should not be hurting any real people.
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