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Originally Posted by Street Spirit (View Post)
I wish they hadn't piled the angst on N/E during s4. The cute Emily of s3 was hard to find since Emily was off the rails. She's allowed to lash out but I missed seeing her hopeful & happy.

I love that at the end of the series, Naomi finally lets all her walls down. If the specials happen and N/E comes back, I expect a smiley, more relaxed Naomi. Same for Emily.
Yes this so much! on both aspects. s3 Emily had the perfect amount of cutness/angst ridden. Thats what I loved about the beginning and ending of s4 was it reminded me of s3 Emily.

Like you've all said I want epic fluff between those two if they do come back for the specials.

I feel like going through a skins marathon after my TBBT marathon. Though I'm kinda weary on s4 as it kinda depressed the hell outta me.
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