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Originally Posted by emzandnaomifan (View Post)
yeah, pretty much! and really, I don't feel like waiting around all day just to be at the front
I hope you have a great view, Sam. You better tell us about your experience when you go to the concert. Stills a ways away but fun to anticipate.

Originally Posted by Skinsfan (View Post)
I still think Emily and Naomi had the most growth as characters in Gen 2. I don't think some of the others grew much at all, other than getting a little more mature.
Speaking of, I preferred Emily's slow growth throughout s3 a lot better than the change we saw in Katie. Though of course I appreciated her growth too. I could finally like Katie.

I wish they hadn't piled the angst on N/E during s4. The cute Emily of s3 was hard to find since Emily was off the rails. She's allowed to lash out but I missed seeing her hopeful & happy.

I love that at the end of the series, Naomi finally lets all her walls down. If the specials happen and N/E comes back, I expect a smiley, more relaxed Naomi. Same for Emily.
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