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Larry Stylinson [Louis Tomlinson+Harry Styles] #4: Because "I'd marry you, Harry."

Larry ღ Stylinson

Louis Tomlinson + Harry Styles (One Direction)
001. autumn_hope
002. murphyboy11
003. until morning
004. *Kaylee*
005. sethamgal
006. megprescottfan
007. Before The Storm
008. Elena_1716
009. acoustichearts
010. myys_PL
011. Kary1591
012. Sincerely, Me.
013. ripe to fall
014. MademoisellePaulina
Music Videos;
take me down like i'm a domino
teenage dream
we found love
what's a soulmate?
you always make me smile
read all about it

Animation of the thread;


Future Thread Titles;
Because "you two are so cute together." -Niall Horan
Because "my first real crush was Louis Tomlinson."
Because "how does he feel about you?" "Mutual. We discussed it."
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this is not a touching love story
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