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Some parts are going to be more summarized than others because I don't quite remember what they talked about. And a few parts may be missing here and there.

Scene 1
This is a part that takes place during Howard being on the space shuttle with two other guys. There are more of these scenes but I had a difficult time hearing what they were saying so, I'll just note when it'll come up again and won't really say anything about it.

Scene 2
Leonard, Sheldon, Raj, Amy, and Bernadette are in Sheldon and Leonard's apartment. They prepare to watch the Howard's launch being aired. Bernadette says she is nervous about this and so is Raj and mentions the pringles he's been eating and how he's putting on a little weight from it (or something along the lines of that). Sheldon says something about while the shuttle will take off and brings up something about Howard's pants. Bernadette squeals with even more nervousness and grabs the pringles from Raj's hands.

Scene 3
Bernadette and Howard are in Howard's room. Bernadette is sitting on Howard's bed, and Howard says close your eyes and stick out your hand. Bernadette says I'm not doing that again, Howard tells her it's not that. Instead he gives her a box which contain a necklace with a star on it. Howard tells her that I wanted you to remember me and the star represents that you'll always have a star that went to space or something really moving. He says he beats anything anyone has given her and Bernadette responses by saying it's beautiful and he says then stick out your hand. Then Howard's mother asks him whether he wants her to pick up a box of fruit loops on her way to the market. Howard says no, all the other astronaut makes fun him because they call him that. They continue to talk a bit and Howard shuts the door. Bernadette starts to say that she wants to get eloped and Howard responses back, but I'm not clear what he said next. But she also adds let's get eloped now before he prepares into space and have an actual wedding when gets back and he agrees on this. Howard and Bernadette hold on to each as they lean into the bed and Howard's mother yells at him once more.

Scene 4
Howard is on the space shuttle again

Scene 5
The gang are sitting in Leonard and Sheldon's apartment. Bernadette and Howard announces they are getting eloped. Amy flips out saying that it's suppose to be her day, which she was expecting every pair of eyes to see her walk down the aisle. Sheldon says he doesn't feel like going and Leonard tries to encourage him that it'll be fine but he says that's what you said about the Green Lantern movie but it was just minutes of disappointment. Amy says she'll wear her bridesmaid dress and Bernadette is hesitant about this but Amy becomes furious and yells ya' going to take that away from me too. I'm not sure what they said in the end but they all walked out of the apartment. There was also another take of this where they remained in the apartment.

Scene 6
The gang are at the chapel. Amy is wearing her tiara and her bridesmaids dress. Penny says she looks beautiful and I think replies back but I don't remember. Raj walks toward Leonard holding a beer in his hand and Leonard asks where he got that from. He replies by say from that old tattooed couple who are getting married and how they are in a gang and he's been told not tell anybody else about this. He also adds we probably shouldn't leave at the same time they are leaving. Back to Sheldon, he tells Leonard what do you think about all of this between Bernadette and Howard getting married after what happened when he proposed to Penny. Raj and everyone else excitedly wonders what happened. Penny says it wasn't a real proposal and Leonard just wants to drop it. Though continues to talk Sheldon and tells them he did it during coitus. And Howard says did you get down in a one knee and also says but I'm guessing you already were doing that and Bernadette cuts him off telling him not say that. There's a lady that walks out the chapel saying that they can only allow three more couples to get married. Howard walks toward her asking her if he and Bernadette can go in next and also tells her his situation about going into space. She jokingly adds she is going to space as well, see you there. Amy is disappointed and adds it's suppose to be Howard and Bernadette day and mine. There was another take that ended with her walking towards another engaged couple asking if she can be their bridesmaid.

Scene 7
The gang are at the Cheesecake Factory, sitting near the bar. They are concerned about not being able to elope. And someone brings up and idea where they should get married elsewhere. And I think Leonard advices them maybe they should do it on the balcony of his apartment. There's something that lead Amy to get really excited and says that her dress can be seen on google map. But Howard questions who'll be the one who can marry them. Penny says maybe one of us can do it because it was fairly simple to become a minister. Sheldon says he can do and also adds it can be in Klingon or something to do with Star Trek. Bernadette disapproves of him speaking in Klingon at their wedding. I think there's more to this scene but I don't remember.

Scene 8
The guys are all in dressed up in tuxedos in Leonard and Sheldon's apartment getting ready. Howard hands them all a comic book as gift from him. Sheldon says the gift is worth $100 but he only gave him and Bernadette an $88 gravy boat as a wedding present which meant he will be in their debt. So, Sheldon gives him $12 back but takes $2 back because he also gave them a card.

Scene 9
The gang are all on the balcony of Leonard and Sheldon's apartment except for Bernadette with whom their waiting on. We find out all five of them can marry Bernadette and Howard because they all are become ministers. Bernadette walks in beside her father and everyone stares. At one point, Bernadette and Howard lead Leonard to say something about the situation about him and Penny. Sheldon somehow adds it's a burn on Penny. They all say something to the couple. But I don't remember what Amy says but in the end she adds if your relationship craps out one day and decide to get back together for some reason, she can be the bridesmaid again. Leonard says that's very nice of her to say that. When it was Sheldon's turn to speak, everything he said was in Klingon and Bernadette gets angry for a moment. And I think Sheldon also says something about how great it is for them to him as a friend and so on. Then back to Howard who says his vows but for some reason Bernadette doesn't really say anything and they kiss. Then the camera is angled above them and it quickly zooms so far out that it shows the earth.

Scene 10
Howard and the two guys are shown in space again.

Scene 11
The gang is sitting around Sheldon and Leonard's apartment watching the launch on tv. Penny comes in wondering if she had missed anything and Leonard says no. They are all very nervous and excited as they watch. Bernadette says how she loves him and grabs Raj's hand. Penny says she didn't believe he would be serious about going and grabs Leonard's hand and Leonard notices. Sheldon says bolded go, Howard Wolowitz and suddenly grabs Amy's hand from of the blue and she notices. The expression on Sheldon's face was pretty funny which made the hand-holding part really unexpected and hilarious.

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