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Originally Posted by Kelly2790 (View Post)
This was a fun episode and to me not a filler. They both feel hurt but I think both of them want it badly enough to get over it and that is exactly what this episode was about.
Yes! It illustrated so well on BOTH ends how badly one wants the other and how far they've come as individuals.

I think Castle is starting to realize that he was maybe taking his situation with them for granted and I think I have to. It was good for them to change it up it made me realize how special Castle's relationship with the team is to and I missed them.
Yes, me too! Except, I don't think he started to, I think he full on realized it by the end and was grateful for them having his back, unlike Slaughter.

Beckett is making a lot of strides this last part of the season, I'm so happy for her!

Did I miss it or was that scene with espo and ryan saying you can see they are pulling away from each other cut from the episode?
You're right! I didn't see it in tonight's episode...guess they cut it? Too bad, I thought that line was cute. I did like Ryan's line, "I feel like he's cheating on us", so sweet and cute!
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