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OMG! I LOVED tonight's episode!!! Hah! Very first scene was a Fireflly reference I was lapping it up! Except, sorry Nathan, I love you, but leave the doll playing to Alan Tudyk. lol And of course you can't miss the obvious reference with the Browncoat. Loved seeing Nathan & Adam together again, just wish they could've found a more permanent role for him so he'd come back again. Anyway, I had seen most of the beginning of the episode in all the sneak peeks so that material wasn't new, but I still LOVED seeing just how much of a fish-out-of-water Castle was and was thoroughly entertained with his interaction w/ Slaughter. That scene with him entering the bar yelling, "NPYD!!!", calling the drug guy a "dirtbag" multiple times, fighting the guy in the bar, grabbing onto his leg and being drug and bashing a bottle over his head? That'll never get old! Oh! And the punch when Slaughter talked suggestively about his daughter! I'm glad Espo helped to push Beckett into taking action & working on the case for Castle was the sweetest thing on the planet! You could tell how touched Castle was by the gesture! And all of the parallels they made with the Castle/Alexis talks hopefully hit it home for Castle. I think it's safe to say most of the angst had subsided by the end between them and I was so thankful to have seen that!

Oh...and I definitely think we'll be seeing that Cesar Vasquez or Valdez (I think that's his name? Can't remember the details right now) character again. Loved Beckett's threat to him, so very sexy!

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yeah maybe filler isn't the right word, because stuff DID happen, i was just hoping for something more tangible by this point in the season. these hiatuses are prolonging this awkwardness and it's starting to get really frustrating.
You have to give the writers a chance to let it all play out. Ju was right, a TON of things happened to get them pointed in the right direction tonight. They have a plan and can't just get over all the secrets right away, I'm really liking the pacing of their story. Frustrating? OMG yes! But that's the point, good things come to those who wait and I'm waiting as patiently as I can knowing it'll all work itself out on May 7th.

Giana - I only saw the RDJ/Nathan bit too, so I'm assuming the promo for the April 30th epi will come out later this week/next Monday. Loved that bit with Nathan & RDJ though! God I'd KILL to see them in a film together...oh! or have Robert Downey Jr. guest star!
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