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YAY! Thanks for the link. Avalon is going to be thrilled that BB are finally together, as she predicted they would be so long ago. I also love what SN said about the entire episode being seen through the eyes of the victim; sounds fascinating. Now if we could just find out when these bonus episodes are going to air.

I liked tonight's episode well enough. I still wish the cases weren't quite so silly, but I did enjoy other parts of the episode. I liked that Arastoo learned a lesson about what makes someone a really great scientist. I loved the spa scene with Angela and Brennan, so funny to hear all the satisfying noises they were making and Brennan leaving right in the middle! And of course I loved the ending scene. Nice to see there's still plenty of heat between BB---guess in this case Sweets was right, lol. If you hit 'mute' while BB are running up the stairs, Brennan says something about the ice cream getting sticky, and Booth answers: 'depends where you put it', or something like that, LOL. Christine you have very naughty parents!

Thanks for next week's promo. Although why were there no scenes of Parker? Would have been good to tease some scenes of him being jealous of his baby sister.

ETA: A very interesting tweet from David about the season finale:!/David_Boreana...89219110039552

Also did you guys see this twitpic?!/it2Ian/status/...423425/photo/1

I'm pretty sure Booth is interrogating Pellant there----it certainly looks like the back of his head. The theory that Booth will beat the snot out of Pellant, is looking more and more real!

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