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{Peter ღ Olivia} Appreciation Thread #38: Because their love is something quite profound.

W e l c o m e to the
▪ PETER & OLIVIA thread

-; Their Characters ;-
Olivia Dunham;; over here
Many warriors of the inevitable confrontation are among us now - but before they can be considered soldiers, they must be regarded as recruits.
And the expectation must be that they shall be unwilling.

Sister. Aunt. Daughter. Agent. Soldier. Protector.

In a world where trans-universal war is slowly seeping through the cracks, Olivia is this universe’s sole guardian.
Prepared at an early age and treated with cortexiphan, she became the strongest and most successful candidate
for a super soldier who could prevent the inevitable collapse of her home. Although she had no recollection
of her horrifying experimentation as a child, Olivia was hardened at a young age as she watched her mother
brutally beaten by her stepfather. Always the protector, she shot her own stepfather and when her mother
passed away at the age of 14, Olivia helped raise her own sister. Dunham joined the military, and became a prosecutor,
helping to fight for the justice that she never received. After joining the FBI and watching as her partner
and lover John Scott slowly died right before her eyes, Olivia reformed the Fringe Division in the hope to protect
this universe from both inter- and intra-universal threats. Despite the many walls she had built up over time
in order to prevent herself from getting hurt again, Olivia ultimately fell for her colleague, Peter Bishop,
only to discover that he was the reason she had been created. Agent Olivia Dunham, a super soldier
to protect the crack that had been formed when he had entered her world. But in the end,
no matter what the suffering, she realized, he belonged with her.
Peter Bishop;; over there

To be nobody-but-yourself - in a world which is doing its best, night and day,
to make you everybody else - means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight;
and never stop fighting.

Son. Outcast. Smart. Weapon. Wonder. Protector.

In a world he can't call his home Peter feels more at home then were he came from.
Altho' this is a struggle through the seasons for him. He grew up without
knowing who he really was and grew to be alienated from his father until
a mission, fate brings them back together. Always the forgiven soul he works his way
through his issues with his father and the world and slowly discoveres
his darkest secrets and his true self. All this with the help of his newfound colleague, Olivia Dunham.
He traveled back to his world, only to discover he didn't belong there but belonged in our world, with her.


-; Their Shippers ;-

all s h i p p e r s
238. Poupa 239. oliviadchen
240. rex_tole 241. HalesNLuke
242. *kaat* 243. SaarSuliet
244. yuzzz66 245. Aurelia 246. didyousayit 247. Addiction 248.Mavonne 249. EmmaSophia 250. Lafra08 251. QueenDunham
252. Foxy<3 253. LeytonLove4Ever 254. onlimain 255. @l3jandra 256. DanceWithLife 257. aguadosor 258. Jessxcs 259. Lindsay Dawn 260. tvfreak 261.Fercita

-; Once Upon OUR Time ;-

Our Childhood: “We’re supposed to protect the world where
one breath of the wrong air can incinerate you from the inside out. I mean, how do we protect
people when corporations have higher security clearances than we do? When we’re not fully briefed
on half the things that we’re investigating? You know, when the truth…the truth is, we’re obsolete”

Peter Bishop & Olivia Dunham have always been special kids, connected through one person his father, her guidance, Walter Bishop.
They didn't knew about each other, didn't know the other until the inevitable became possible; they saw each other.
And when she was lost, he was the one to find her.
He was THE ONE to bring her hope, give her a reason.

Our Destiny: “The best love is the kind that awakens the soul and makes us reach for more,
that plants a fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds”

Two roads, two parallel lives destinated to collide. As they did Peter and Olivia
found each other again, neither knowing they've already met.
He had always been the one who was able to calm her down with the thouch of his hand.
He'd been able to do that as a young boy and as a man, many years later, that didn't change.
They started working together, discovering their fate. Hand in hand.
Only to discover that that destiny, their fate might not lie together, ears
but they'd have to sacrafice their love, to save the world and loose each other in the progress.

-; Our Moments ;-

"I've thought of a hundred reasons why you should come back...
100. Because she knows he's there for her
99. Because Walter would have given up the room for them
98. Because he loves that she does card tricks
97. Because "Don't say I never take you anywhere."
96. Because she called for him at the hospital
95. Because Walter warned them about protection
94. Because Olivia needs to make a move
93. Because they care about each other
92. Because she wanted Peter to be careful
91. Because did she mention that there’s excitement?
90. Because he keeps her sane.
89. Because she was bluffing to make him go with her.
88. Because she doesn’t have to worry about him but she does .
87. Because he’s impressed by her card tricks.
86. Because she loves his weird connections.
85. Because she has someone who needs her .
84. Because he’s there for her when she’s scared.
83. Because she can think of one hundred reasons for him to come back.
82. Because there is more to discover about them.
81. Because they stay up all night solving cases.
80. Because he is her confident.
79. Because she has been looking out for him.
78. Because she comforted him when he was sad cause he'd killed a guy.
77. Because she was terrified when he got infected by the virus.
76. Because as Walter said, she is just what he needs.
75. Because Walter (and Peter) think she looks lovely.
74. Because he said smiling that he had never met anyone that could do the things that does
73. Because Walter did a little dance when he found out PO were going out for drinks
72. Because she made sure she looked pretty before meeting him
71. Because Lisa will be 18 in a year. "Don't wait too long to make a move, Olivia"
70. Because they have chemistry
69. Because they have a connection
68. Because they make pseudo-science hot
67. Because one day their kids will play on that swing.
66. Because we're looking forward to the build-up
65. Because they are pretty together
64. Because he's already protective of her
63. Because he wanted her to know she wasn't alone
62. Because he reached for her hand
61. Because he played the piano for her
60. Because she only smiles for him
59. Because he stopped running for her
58. Because she was worried about him
57. Because she told him about her stepfather
56. Because they joke
55. Because he makes her smile
54. Because she's letting her defenses down around him
53. Because he knows she needs some jazz
52. Because Peter was REALLY worried when she was gone.
51. Because they are good with cards.
50. Because they CAN dance.
49. Because Walter tells stories about their love.
48. Because she is sorry for what he went through in childhood
47. Because they share taste in movies
46. Because she thinks he is cute
45. Because they booth sleep in gray college t-shirts
44. Because she's not prepared to lose him
43. Because "you're gonna be fine"
42. Because their love is epic and transcends universes
41. Because he belongs to her
40. Because he's a gentleman for her
39. Because he brought her flowers
38. Because they challenge each other
37. Because they are tragic and epic.
36. Because they like to go out for drinks
35. Because she is his constant
34. Because they remind us of other beautiful ships.
33. Because she's got him on speed dial
32. Because its Walter's dream.
31. Because he calms her just by touching her
30. Because he's there when she's scared
29. Because they need each other
28. Because they can dance!
27. Because they even look hot with her hands stuck in his chest.
26. Because people assume they are boyfriend and girlfriend ALL the time.
25. Because they trust each other in a world it's not safe to trust anyone.
24. Because nobody looks hotter saving the world than Peter and Olivia.
23. Because he came back as the bomb was about to go off
22. Because he wanted to get pizza and go over theories with her
21. Because he's always making sure if she's okay.
20. Because she'd tell him if she were scared
19. Because she can see right through him
18. Because the most brilliant man on the planet, Walter, ships them.
17. Because Olivia needs Peter by her side
16. Because they automatically, unconsciously and instinctively cared about about each other the moment they locked eyes.
15. Because whenever they lock eyes we scream 'JUST KISS DAMNIT!'
14. Because no universe could keep them apart.
13. Because all he has to do is touch her hand to make her calm down.
12. Because her in a wedding dress & him in a purple tux would be HOT!
11. Because she IS jealous at him & her sister getting along.

But in the end you have to come back because you belong with me,,

Peter & Olivia Winning Survivor Scenes

Top 5 Peter & Olivia Scenes Season 1

Top 5 Peter & Olivia Scenes Season 2

Top 5 Peter & Olivia Scenes Season 3 (part 1)

(credit to Star_Gazer02)

A whole new season3 ; a whole new world.

-; Once Upon THEIR Time ;-

Walter and Bell’s experimental Cortexiphan trials turned a scared little Olive into the brave soldier we know as Olivia;
tasked with defending her universe all because of a mistake when Walter inadvertently kept
Peter after taking him from the Other Side to cure him of a deadly disease. When the truth finally came out
Peter chose to go back to what he thought was home when confronted by his real father and given a choice.
Shortly thereafter The Observer tipped Olivia off that Peter was in danger on the Other Side and she decided immediately
she had to go and save him. She succeeds in crossing over (but not without it’s costs) and finds him and tells
him of the danger and that he had to come back (and he chose to come back for her) but then she gets stuck herself,
where another Walter Bishop experimented on her to force her into her alternate’s life where
she is struggling to remember who she is and where she belongs (now with the help of a snarky hallucinatory Peter!).
The story revolves entirely around these arcs for the most part now, until they'll find each other.... once more.


♦ "when universes collide" ♦

The journey back:

"There will always be something to ruin our lives. It all depends on what or which
finds us first. You're always ripe and ready to be taken."

"When I was over there, I thought about you, and you were just a figment of my imagination,
but I held on to you, and it wasn't reasonable, and it wasn't logical, but I did it, so, why didn't you?"
"She wasn't me. How could you not see that? Now, she's everywhere; she's in my house,
my job, my bed, and I don't wanna wear my clothes anymore and I don't wanna live in my apartment,
and I don't wanna be with you. She's taken everything

Once Olivia returned to her world she found out Peter had been with her alt.self this entire time
she was gone, him believing she never was gone at all.
Once Peter found out
he made it clear all he wanted was the real Olivia but he had fallen for being with her too.
It was clear Peter & Olivia had still a long way to go to reach their ulitmate happiness, together.

-; Once Will Be In THEIR Future ;-

Finally ready for their fate, finally ready to give the other up, to believe that they'll meet once more,
Peter & Olivia turn on the machine, as they're supposed to, together.
They say their bittersweet goodbyes {"i love you"} and he sees the vission of distruction.

In the future Olivia & Peter finally have what they always wanted, a life together, a family.

Until she dies.

"Olivia Dunham, my wife, was everything to me"


-; Anna Torv ♦ Joshua Jackson ;-

"Cutest thing…my first day with Anna, five days into the show…’
Oh my god it’s snowing out! This is incredible! I’ve never seen snowfall!’
Flash forward 37 days…’Oh my god I’ve gotta’ get out of this country.
Please I don’t know if I can do this anymore. This is too much. How does everyone
go outside and not starve to death in the winter?’ - Joshua Jackson

John: {sitting between Josh&Anna} I’m in the middle of an eyesex moment aren’t I?
Anna: Well John, yes you kinda are.
John: I knew it

"Why should we watch Fringe Joshua?" "Anna Torv!"


"Do you think she'll call me Dad?"

#1; Walter Bishop
#2; Astrid
#3; Henry
#4; Nina Sharp

-;Future Titles -;

Because he cares about her more than he wants to say
Because he missed her...a lot
Because he cares about her
Because he's freaking out for her
Because it's so beautiful and perfect and awesome and intense and just ahhhh
Because they both want the same thing- a lifetime with the person you love
Because "when you have something so real, you’ll do anything to keep from losing it"
Because they are ready to move forward together
Because angry mobs, zombies, an evil step-dad, and an army didn’t stop Peter from saving Olivia.
Because "the love of his life is Olivia" ~JP
Because "...this was the true relationship, this is where his heart really lies..." ~ Josh Jackson
Because they will remain alive in each others hearts.

-; The Soundtrack -;

♦ "As long as I've known you I never heard you express an interest in m u s i c." ♦

-; Previous Threads -;

never say g o o d b y e

The TOP 10 scenes :: Anna
The Header :: Laura
Morgan for helping with the soundtrack.
Yara for helping with the OP in general.
Lots of people on Tumblr, if you want credit just PM Lostbeth

~Peter & Olivia~
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