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I basically have told you guys all the best parts of this episode but I might as well give it a shot on writing this scene up. It's Leonard and Sheldon talking about their girls. I don't think everything I written is in order but read on anyways.

Leonard and Sheldon are playing chess. Sheldon looks uncomfortable. Leonard takes one of the chess pieces and places somewhere else on the board. Leonard wonders why he feels uncomfortable because he's been saying why me a lot during the game. Sheldon admits he's beginning to feel affection towards Amy. Leonard advices him to really read that book he gave him a year ago. Sheldon tells him what Amy's been doing for him lately and he's happy but he express's in a mopey way. Leonard sarcastically says that it's really bad that he has to feel happy. Sheldon says he's been having fantasies of Amy, in an inappropriate way. Leonard asks if these fantasies of her in the shower or in bed. Sheldon says no, and brings up the book Leonard gave him, gave him nightmares or being scared or sick (i don't remember which one it was).

Here's the ending but I have trouble putting the pieces together so it's slightly harder to understand.
There's a part where Leonard talks a little a bit about Penny. And Sheldon goes on talking about him picturing her pale skin, hunched shoulders, and her flaky dandruff hair. Towards the end, Sheldon and Leonard notice that their talk about girls didn't help at out and he adds, no wonder they're winning.
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