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Ok, I wrote a bit and some scenes are missing because I didn't want to restate what Lauren said and I don't remember certain lines.

Scene 1, Howard is busy sitting and doing his work while the phone rings. He answers it and it's his boss. His boss asks if he's busy and Howard says he's not too occupied. He jokingly says he's doing push ups and he's still stuck on the ninth one. Then his boss says his trip to space is cancelled. Howard says he's devastated and hangs up the phone. But afterwards, he gets excited he doesn't have to go because there's a chance he could die. Someone knocks on the doors, and it's Bernadette. Howard tells her his trip to space it cancelled. Bernadette feels bad for him and Howard pretends to agree with her. As they walk out the door, and the back of Bernadette's head faces Howard, he throws his arms in the air back and forth with joy.

Scene 3, Amy's standing in the kitchen of her apartment. Sheldon is at the door doing the triple knock, she opens it for him. There's this line I don't remember that leads Amy to say she will try to further their relationship but Sheldon doesn't believe she should do it/it will work and denies it. They continue to talk a bit about this, but Sheldon just keeps disagreeing with her.
(in this scene there is also a table set up for the two)
Then Amy says she'll lighten the mood with some music and turns it on which is an old Mario theme song playing in the background. Sheldon says it's his favorite theme song and still gives her the same attitude. Amy tells Sheldon to sit down, and when he walks towards the chair he hums the beat of the music. Amy says they'll start off with something to drink. Sheldon says he doesn't drink however Amy takes out a bottle of pink Nesquik and pours it into a glass. Sheldon is joyful of it. He says it's his favorite pink drink along with Pepto Bismol. Then the next thing Amy does, is take out a pot full of spaghetti with little hot dogs cut up into it and places onto the table. Sheldon is even happier now and uses a tong placing the food on his plate. He says we should do this more often and at this point Sheldon realizes how he feels about this which makes him go uh oh.

Scene 4, Penny's sitting on the couch in her apartment. Leonard arrives holding a balloon, and talks about the balloon which this scene lead Penny to inhales the helium from it. When she spoke, the helium made her voice sound like a monster. Then he takes the balloon and takes a sip of it too, and he speaks with the same outcome. They begin to kiss and make out a bit. Penny stops to ask him about how they're going should be being. There was a part where Penny mentions the cookie monster and at the end Leonard sucks on the helium again and says cookie in the way the cookie monster's says.

Scene 5, Bernadette is sitting in front of the computer in Howards room. Howard walks in and mentions maybe they should consider learning to do dirty dancing at their wedding and so on. But jump to the part where he gets a call, which is his boss informing him the space trip is back on. Howard still pretends to be excited and hangs up the phone. Bernadette is happy for him, they hug while Howard weeps out loud. Cut to them both sitting on the bed, they talk about the wedding and how this space trip will somehow interfere with the wedding. But as Howard keeps talking, he's just keeps coming up with excuses and reasons to avoid going. He also says Bernadette's father will be upset to move the wedding to another day and she says she will talk to him but Howard says no he'll talk him alone.

Scene 6, Leonard and Penny are walking out of Penny's room. Penny says why would you say that while we were having sex or something along the lines of that. Penny bickers a bit about it before Leonard casually says maybe one day we can look back and just laugh about the situation but Penny just still feels awkard and doesn't agree with him.
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