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I'll attempt to do a quick write up...sorry if its a bit sloppy and not as good as the ones you are used to because i'm tired and don't write things down and its just all from memory at the moment, but at least to give you an idea.....

The episode is titled "The Launch Acceleration." Anyways so the episode played out like this....started with Howard getting a call from NASA that he wasn't able to go on the space launch after all and he was obviously excited about that because he was scared to do it and told Bernadette the good/bad news when she came in.

They had 2 quick scenes already was Penny and Leonard together on the couch that was funny with them inhaling helium was a cute scene and they kept kissing talking about moving quicker with each other. The other was the guys shopping for tuxs and Sheldon wore long johns to avoid having other people's sweat touch him from when they tried the clothes on. Sheldon was hilarious as always.

Then we saw a scene at Amy's apartment with her and Sheldon for their monthly date night. Amy talks about how the other couples are moving along in their relationships and thinks they should too....she ends up making him a really nice dinner....his favorite spaghetti with the hot dogs and its clear she is trying to make him happy so he starts to feel something more for actual feelings towards her. Really sweet scene with the two of them.

Meanwhile Howard and Bernadette are in his room talking about dancing at their wedding when his phone rings and he finds out from NASA he is back on for the launch after all and he tries to fake being happy, but its clear he doesnt want to go. Bernadette is happy for him and asks when the launch is...its about a week away on Friday and their wedding is on Sunday. Howard tries to say that because of all their plans and people effected he can't go and Bernadette's dad has a deposit.....she encourages him and he plans to go talk to her dad about it.

At Penny's apt....Leonard and Penny are emerging from Penny's bedroom. Leonard was wearing her robe which was kinda cute.....Penny is upset that he said something during sex and we learn that Leonard asked Penny to marry him. Leonard played it off and said they'll laugh about it later, but its clear Penny is upset he'd ask her that after they just started to move along and get to a good place.

Back at Leonard and Sheldon's apt. they are playing chess and Sheldon is sucking....Leonard asks whats up and Sheldon basically says that Amy is making his life hard because she's making him so happy (like she set it up the other day for him to be an Amtrak junior train conductor haha) and he's starting to have feelings for her at inappropriate times.....Leonard tells him about his problem with Penny by saying if he wants to make Amy mad he should do what he did if Sheldon and Amy were in a physical relationship that is. Then it dawns on Sheldon that he and Leonard are having a normal guy conservation about women.

Howard meets with Bernadette's dad. We find out he didn't like Howard before, but finding out he was an astronaut made his opinion change a little....but he still doesnt like him. Howard let him know eventually in the conversation that he was simply scared to go into space and her dad said that if something happened Bernadette would be fine because she's a pretty girl and can find someone else.

In the hallway Penny is getting ready to leave for work when Leonard is returning home. It's awkward and Leonard tells her that she never actually answered his question.....Penny hesitates and walks over to Leonard and gives him a big kiss before then pulling away and says "no." As she is turning to head to work he asks if they are still dating and she says yes....Leonard seemed pleased with himself.

Leonard goes into his apartment and walks in to find Sheldon lying on the couch with his eyes closed and Amy is standing next to him....she's wearing a Star Trek costume and its just a cute way they ended the episode basically with Amy continuing to make Sheldon happy

Overall really fun. Jim messed up a couple times as did Simon. The best moment though was hands down at the end scene and it was completely silent as they were getting ready to yell "action" and Jim just slapped Mayim on her butt really good. Everyone just burst out laughing...the audience, jim, mayim, and even on the crew because it was so unexpected and they needed a minute to stop laughing to get back into character.

Oh at the end of the taping I saw Jane Lynch aka Sue Sylvester from Glee come out and give Mayim a hug. I love her so that was pretty cool

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