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I'm posting this in each Teen Wolf thread to get the word out!!! Season 2!!!

MTV Teen Wolf season 2 finally got a premiere date. Recently,Spoiler TV revealed the premiere date for the highly anticipated,MTV hit show “Teen Wolf” season 2. And guys, I can happily tell to you to mark your calendars for June 3rd,2012,because that’s when the werewolf madness will start back up,and I’m sure I’m not alone when I say,It’s about damn time.

As previously reported, season 2 will serve up a whopping 24 episodes instead of just 12,so we’re going to get a lot more action. I’m guessing 12 of the episodes will air in the summer. Then they’ll return in the fall for the back 12. That way,they won’t be “missing in action” for so got damn long. They were off the air for freaking 11 months,WTF?

Anyways,in season 2,we’re going to see Scott become more of a badboy. New alpha Derek will be increasing his pack members so he can transform into a full-fledged,ugly wolf just like his dead uncle. Allison will become a more skilled and adept hunter.

Lydia’s fate is still hush,hush,but she better turn into a freaking werewolf,or else I’ll stop watching,not really,but I’ll be extremely pissed. We’ve also got new members added to the crew,which I’m sure will all bring interesting elements to the show,so stay tuned.
MTV Teen Wolf Season 2 Finally Got A Premiere Date | Hollywood Hills

Teen Wolf -- Season 2 of MTV's hit werewolf series is now scheduled to launch its double-length 24-episode run on June 3. The network is promising to up the stakes, with Scott experiencing more of a dark side, new alpha Derek increasing his pack to try to complete his metamorphosis, and Allison becoming a more adept hunter. The cast is bigger, too, as previously reported, including Michael Hogan and Stephen Lunsford.

Of course the DVD for season 1 will arrive just in time to expose, or reexpose, yourself to what turned out to be one of the better shows of last year's summer season. It comes out May 22, and includes an extended version of the season finale and several featurettes including -- they don't have any illusions about what they're doing here, do they? -- a "Season 1 Shirtless Montage."
Production Starts for Wizards, Wolves, and More
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