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That's great I didn't realise that you went by yourself. I was thinking about going by myself. But I'd have to get a taxi there and back, which would cost about $40 each way. I kind of wished that I went, but oh well, hopefully another time

Oh no, your flight got cancelled ... hope you didn't have to weight too long.

Sounds like you had a wonderful time with Evie and her family .... I've heard about Krispy Kremes (apparently they're Jason Behr's favourite) hopefully they'll come to Perth soon.

Your thesis sounds very interesting. You didn't bore me at all.

Speaking of selling tickets on eBay, I've got to sell my Missy Higgins ticket for Perth. As originally Howie Day was supposed to be peforming who I love, but he pulled out at the last minute. My friends are going, but I was only going to see Howie.

I know, one of my friends is travelling around the US and she emailed me today to say that she was down to her last $500 and she still has 4 more weeks before she is home.

Thanks for your advice about work Its tough, I'm not really sure what I'm feeling. Its hard to move on from what I've got, and its scary thinking of looking for another job again. I don't even have a CV

I shopping online, I've brought some good stuff ... mainly my cds and DVD's

I know, I'd be lost without FF. I remember when they were having problems years ago, but its good to see that things are going smoothly.

On topic for once. The same article that you posted was in The Sunday Times Magazine (STM) last Sunday here in Perth It was great to see Emilie on the cover.
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