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· Damon/Rebekah; Dabekah #1: “You like mean.”

Damon & Rebekah #1

1. We've never jumped ship so fast.
2. Claire Holt and Ian Somerhalder are both gorgeous, even moreso together.
3. Their witty banter and interactions.
4. They both crave love, and most of all to be loved.
5. Neither of them wants to be alone.
6. It's always hot when they hook up.
7. They're opposite and alike in different ways, and actually compliment eachother quite well. 8. Their undeniable chemistry, even when they're just pretending.
9. The way they work not despite a mutual love of all things mean, but because of it.
10. Because Damon needs to stop playing second fiddle to his brother. He needs a girl capable of loving him and him only.
11. Because he protected her, even when he didn't have to.
12. Because every look, touch, and makeout between these two are electric.

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