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The top one is one of my favourite moments ever of the episode. She freaking face my heart. Another moment in that scene is this one.

Sorry forgotten source again so if you own please let me know and will credit.

I absolutely adore this moment. Lana breaks my heart with this look. Her eyes, her face, the way she has her arms wrapped around herself in a gesture of self comfort. Her acting is flawless. I know we learn she tricked the genie in this episode but she had no idea he had followed her out. She was genuinely heartbroken, vulnerable and hurt and it makes me sad for her every single time I watch it.

I am convinced this tree stands for something with her, like the chipped cup does with Mr Gold. She went straight to it after she had been hurt here. Maybe it represents a time in her life when she was truly happy.

As for second gif. It gives new meaning to the phrase "You had me at "Hello". Poor genie didn't stand a chance.

Plus did I mention how absolutely beautiful Lana looked this episode. She always looks amazing but I think the brighter colours she got to wear in certain scenes in this episode just showed what a true beauty she really is.

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