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Yeah 1.09 is great for EQ. You will love 1.11 so. You get to see a completely different side of Regina for a while. It's awesome. It contains some of my favourite Regina moments ever. And there is one particular scene, about ten minutes into the episode that is bound to break your heart. This woman's facial expressions will be the death of us all.

I think Storybrooke citizens are just a little afraid of Regina. I guess she can be considered intimidating. As for Regina being a bad mother I don't see it all. She has done nothing but care for and love that kid and just gets no thanks for it from him. I will say alot of things Regina has done can be considered wrong but her love for Henry has always been something I believed to be true. Her worry over his safety when he was trapped in the mine being a prime example. I think this whole Regina/Henry dynamic will be something the writers will explore in the future. What led Henry to believe Regina is the EQ? Why does he seem to hate her so much? It could be interesting for the writers to incorporate some storybooke flashblacks to explain the reason for their damaged relationship.

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