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Stef, where do you live? San Bernadino? my family lives up there, my aunt has been evacuated.

There are fires everywhere in San Diego, too. There are 4 different fires that are burning in different places... basically every part of San Diego is burning except for the coastal areas. It would have been a beautiful sunny day, but the ash and smoke made it look like it should be overcast and raining. The ash is falling like snow. It is SO disgusting.

For awhile it was threatening our area, so we have all our photos and memories packed up... all our medicine, a change of clothes, everything is sitting at the front door in case we have to split. Luckily the fire that was threatening us changed direction, so we're ok... for now.

The mayor actually canceled school for all students in the county, and he asked all employers to cancel work so that parents can stay home with their children, and to stay off the roads so that emergency crews can get to where they need to be. They want us to conserve water and energy.

This sucks. but we're ok for now.

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