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[img]smilies/frown.gif[/img] I have asthma.

For the past few months I have had trouble breathing and I had to visit the ER twice. I went on tuesday (to an ER that knew what they were doing) and they said I had asthma. My doctor sent me to a specialist on Thursday. The only good thing that came out of this is I got to take some time off from work to rest and from school. I missed a midterm in my lab class, but I e-mailed my professor and he will let me make it up.

[img]smilies/lol.gif[/img] I don't know what happened to me. I used to be the one who never got sick, but that's over now.

I miss you all. Stacy, I got your letter. I will reply ASAP. I'm working on my midterm for my online class. It's an HTML class, and I have to make a bunch of web page stuff. It's easy, but time consuming.

I am very happy though! I found out Roswell Season One will be released in February [img]smilies/biggrin.gif[/img] and I got my Down With Love DVD finally.

Steph, that's cool Clay's album is good. On Tuesday, people were buying like 10 copies at a time [img]smilies/rolleyes.gif[/img]
I would never do that for any artist [img]smilies/lol.gif[/img] not even the Beatles.

They changed the release date for Ruben's album. It's coming out December 9th now. [img]smilies/mad.gif[/img]

I bought my mom Smallville Season One. She is very happy because Clark Kent is half naked on the cover [img]smilies/lol.gif[/img] On Wednesday, the TV Show Angel has a graphic warning for partial nudity and it involves Spike [img]smilies/biggrin.gif[/img] We are very pleased. I'm a little nuts right now. It's the medication [img]smilies/wink.gif[/img]

Hopefully I am making sense. If not, tomorrow I will fix it [img]smilies/lol.gif[/img] Call this a random post, if you must.

Oh yeah, poo on Baseball. The Cubs lost [img]smilies/frown.gif[/img] and Friends and ER were repeats because of Game 7 between NY and Boston. I was so set for those shows. [img]smilies/sigh.gif[/img]
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