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It would be nice, but not from the original characters though.

Originally Posted by Crystaline (View Post)
So that means we won't know who's coming back until the summer before season nine goes into production.
Yeah, I guess so

With contracts about to expire for the original cast members of GREY’S ANATOMY, I’m curious if you’ve got any insight into how Shonda Rhimes plans on ending the season? — Becca
The TV Addict: Living up to her reputation as smarter than your average showrunner, it would appear that Shonda Rhimes has cleverly found a way to keep her options opened. To that end, an upcoming episode of GREY’S ANATOMY’s will feature many of your favorite characters doing their best to make a good first impression when perspective suitors come a calling with potential job offers. And while we don’t pretend to know whether or not any of Seattle’s finest will find a permanent interest in working at, say, a hospital so small they have to fly their liver transplants to nearby Toledo, we are somewhat concerned that one of the docs may be inclined to take a second look at a certain Big Apple situated hospital that is rumored to have some of the best surgeons in the world knocking down its doors to get in.
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