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aw new thread
amazing OP!

Lisbeth Salander’s first appearance in Girl with the Dragon Tattoo… my Polyvore version. The E.T. shirt was modified by me in Photoshop to include the fangs, and in polyvore to include the words.

Salander was dressed for the day in a black T-shirt with a picture on it of E.T. with fangs, and the words I AM ALSO AN ALIEN. She had on a black skirt that was frayed at the hem, a worn-out black, mid-length leather jacket, rivet belt, heavy Doc Marten boots, and horizontally striped, green-and-red knee socks. She had put on make-up in a color scheme that indicated she might be colorblind. In other words, she was exceptionally decked out.
more sweetness from Christopher (love this man!)

Christopher Plummer, when asked the first thing that went through his mind when his name was announced as the winner of the Best Supporting Actor Oscar on Sunday, didn’t hesitate to answer.

“I winked at Rooney Mara who was sitting beside me,” he said, speaking of his co-star from the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. “She was so supportive of me in all the pre-show publicity that I had to thank her. And I also adore her.”
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