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Originally Posted by loganandroryforever (View Post)
Hey hun. I liked RD second after RJ. icon Chair fan too Nikki I read your tumblr. we love all of the same couples. Wow! :high five:
hey Rachel! Yeah RD are my favorite but i do have a place in my heart for RJ too. . The only guy i don't like with Rory is Logan and I feel bad about saying that b/c of your username, so sorry .

OT: but I am a really big Chair fan. Do you talk on any threads of Chair? Jw.

But RD had a lot of epic moments. I mean for a boyfriend to build you a car is so sweet and to make you a bracelet for your birthday and another to wanna walk you home the morning after the dance to talk to your mother about how they lost track off time. that is big time great boyfriend. and Rory really pisses me off that she had to let him go
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