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First: THANKS Jakls for the tweet!!!!! I've read it! I love it! Glad Robert finally said something about Jen, I was starting to think it would never happen

Originally Posted by khan81 (View Post)
Wow...I have no words for what was posted earlier. Like I said in my post on Tumblr you can disagree about ships but be respectful. I hope that person gets banned.

Okay...for some Gemma goodness I want to let everyone know we are doing a round robin on the LJ community since there is no new episode tonight. If you have some time check it out and add to it
I've seen about the round robin going on on LJ but I can't participate because I don't have enough time

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This =)

and nooodies:

T'Laina Ariennye ‏ @TheNeedsOfMany
@robertcarlyle_ do you think Gold will ever find out Belle is still alive?

Robert Carlyle Robert Carlyle ‏ @robertcarlyle_
@TheNeedsOfMany i hope so.. i think that would be a lovely episode.

If this is real xD
I'm not sure about what is the good news in that as far as Gold/Emma goes

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magja - I realize that you are a new poster to the board but I need to ask that you please familiarize yourself with the board rules in our Introduction thread before posting. You'll find the thread stuck at the top of the board.

If you don't ship Emma/Gold in a romantic sense, that is fine, this thread is to discuss all types of Emma/Gold interaction and if you want to post in here simply regarding their scenes and only that, this is also fine. But please refrain from insulting other shippers and bashing fans directly. That is not acceptable and it is definitely not allowed on the threads.

Thank you.

Just a reminder to please keep on topic - general comparisons are allowed but lets keep the fans of different shipper groups out of the discussions.

If there are any further problems, please try and take it to one of the mods by PM instead of hashing it out on the threads, guys. Let's keep this place comfortable for everyone to post inside of.
Thanks Heather I was hoping a Mod would come over here, so I'm glad you did

I'm sorry but I never can keep my mouth shut when this kind of things happen, just have to give my opinion But of course I'll be more careful next time

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thank you, Heather girly.

Uh... *fears a congratulatory paddle from Eliza*


oh my dearie.
WOW! Congrats Green Bean


And you didn't like Graham that much?? But you wrote a fic for him/Ruby if I remember correctly

Originally Posted by Kendra Luehr (View Post)
Wow, I'm too amused right now to be offended. Because you know what I think? Since this person's clearly a new poster, I honestly believe they have another account/actively partake in the Rumbelle thread on here, and (for whatever reason) decided to make a new page to come over here and bash Gemma. If that's the case? Fangirls have officially reached a new low. But seeing as to how this person has ZERO influence on my opinion, I'm not going to waste anymore time discussing it. Tra-la-la.

Eliza: Yaay, I'll read it as soon as I'm done with piddling around here! And thanks for the vid link! Twas awesome! And if people really hate Gemma, that's their problem. I've found that the smaller fandom groups are usually the most mature, because they're able to see past all the smoke screens that the masses throw up. I mean, my ship for Batverse was pretty much NON-EXISTENT, so I'm accustomed to people hating on what I love. For whatever reason, the fangirls in my circle were sweet, down-to-earth, and had brilliant minds. I liked that. Instead of being in a "busy city" (aka what everyone else likes), we had our own little community that was calm and collected. Granted, it sucked ROYALLY that we didn't have the fan art/fan vids/fanfiction that every OTHER pairing had, but we got by. Perhaps one day Gemma will catch on. And if it doesn't? It's not the end of the world.
I've thought about that too, that he/she could have 2 accounts since it does happen sometimes... It's really stupid btw

Thanks for reading it I hope you liked it I'll answer to all your comments soon personaly
I think that when there's a lot of hate for a pairing, it's actually because this pairing has got some chances of happening! Actually my last pairing which got a lot of hate were Jack/Elizabeth and they definitely had a chance after POTC 2
So it doesn't matter if they happen or not, Gemma already is a Strong pairing
And I really, really, need more arts/vids/fics and anything concerning Gemma

And that ART of yours!!!! It's so, sooo perfect!!!!! I LOVE Gold on it

And about that spoiler... Huh...


And new vid!!! New vid!!!! Lots of those recently makes me happy!!!

And I haven't read this book but I think Belle pretty much knew Gaston before Rumple And what you said made me more think of Mr Rochester/Jane and I love them That said, I agree the OUAT writers tried to reproduce the Jane Eyre story with Belle/Rumple but it kind of failed IMO, I see it more with Emma/Gold... Maybe because she's not meant to be a "Beauty"^^

Originally Posted by EmmaGold (View Post)
Eliza: I will read it soon, along with the rest of the fic I haven't yet. Yours too Shama.

They must feel threatened by it, for whatever reason, otherwise why post on here? To try to make us see the error of our ways and reform us? Why read an Emma/Gold thread to begin with when you hate the pairing? Too much time on their hands? Or are they masochists? Some good questions to ponder.
Thanks for the comment hun! Glad you liked it

That's exactly what I think

Katie: I also hope he seduced his way out of Emma's cell by seducing Emma
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