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RumpelGold: LMAO Is Gold x Granny really your third favorite? XD I remember someone said, "You're getting Rumpel x Granny, and you're going to like it," on the kink meme as a joke, but then they decided they would do it. LOL I don't think they ever did, though, but it may be finished ... someday.

Ruby looked into him, yeah, but Gold kind of had a "been there, done that" look on his face. xD I wouldn't be surprised if he'd "had" her at one point, considering how Granny basically called her a ****. It was obvious the writers wanted us to know she's free with her body. I definitely think there's much more to her than that.

I suppose you're right... Although I wouldn't consider giving up your body (as the price) to be unholy. xD But then, that was a different era, so never mind. lol That's like the most common prompt on the kink meme... Gold/Rumpel demands the woman lie with him. I can't even imagine Emma's reaction if he demanded that of her... I think he'd be murdered. :')

Thank yew!

Katie: Thank yooou! And I saw the movie, but the book's definitely better... The movie leaves out the incest, so it basically gets rid of the twisted/heartbreaking aspect of the story. Belle only knew Rumpel and Flower!Gaston (lol), so her options weren't exactly broad...

I never took it that way before... As in, if I don't feel romantic chemistry, I don't really think of it as chemistry. ...Well ok, I guess that's not true, because I saw a high school play of Grease and thought the guys were great as friends. So I guess that means I don't really feel chemistry between Emilie and Robert either, because when I watched, I didn't really feel much of anything... I honestly found the FTL scenes kind of boring/uneventful in Skin Deep. I was looking forward to the Gemma parts...even if they weren't so long. :/ That "I'm a difficult man to love" scene needed to be much could've happened since the tensions were high. And no, I don't necessarily mean them making out. LOL
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