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Originally Posted by EmmaGold (View Post)
They could ship Granny and Mr. Gold for all I care.
... <_< .. that's my third favourite ship.....

Originally Posted by EmmaGold (View Post)
I like Ruby from what I've seen of her. I just mentioned Ruby/Gold because there are people who ship them and they've only been in one scene together.
True.. but it was a very interesting scene x'D The way she watches him limp off... very intriguing. Episode one made me think Gold and Ruby could have a thing, not to mention one of the recent episodes when Red Riding Hood says no request is unholy for him. That alone sparks fanfic and shipping x'D If I hadn't written that Henry drabble of Gold being his dad I might have been sticking to that pairing, but they've shown too little to keep them up as a pairing. I agree to that.

Originally Posted by Kendra Luehr (View Post)
Ok, FINALLY drew up the lineart for that gift art I promised chivalryundead.
O_O Beautiful <3

Originally Posted by DetectiveSaunders (View Post)
He was not my type. .
... Apparently everyone watches a series only nowadays when the actors are hot O_o;;? Lol =3 I'm learning things here...
Actors in my opinion are /never/ attractive. Perhaps dressed up as their character, but... it's not really my reason to watch luckily x'D Makes one less worked up if one dies x'D <3
But I know, my best friend had the hots for Graham and was all gay over the fact he died x'D

Originally Posted by Kendra Luehr (View Post)
Will go watch it now

Originally Posted by katiecastiel (View Post)
So it looks like Gold will be out of jail in the next episode; probably by posting bail or something, but I'm hoping he seduced his way out of Emma's cell lol
That last... yes
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