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Rumpelstiltskin/Mr Gold&Emma {Touchin On My} - YouTube

EmmaGold: Thank you so much! AND YOU TOTALLY SHOULD. So far I'm the only one who's drawn for the pairing... D: Oh wait, no I'm not. XD *feels slow* I think there's only one other artist, hence why I forgot. :S

And you're right...that sounds pretty anti-Jen to me. -.- I actually felt chemistry between Rumpel x Ella, but I don't ship them. I could if I really wanted to, but I don't. I just recognize that they had great tension together in the ball room scene. ...And again when he was creepily groping her stomach. LOL

I agree. I know they're going for the "vixen/femme fatale" cliche for Ruby, but I think she's much prettier as Red. But trust me, people ship based on looks. In my last ship, I got guff from shallow people ALL the time, 'cause they'd say infuriating crap like, "He wouldn't hook up with her, she's too ugly." Wtf ever. -.- If there's chemistry, there's chemistry. You can't change that.

Oh, and kind of OT, but has anyone read/seen Flowers in the Attic? Cuz I TOTALLY get that FitA vibe from Rumbelle, just sayin'. He's the only man she's ever truly known, so of course she's going to think she could (or has to) love him. Just an interesting thought (minus the incest LOL).

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