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Originally Posted by DetectiveSaunders (View Post)
Cool drawing, great work!

I don't have anything against all the other ships. I'd just like more than 10 episodes of a pairing together to see some sparks here and there. Oh Megs' is completely beautiful and the show has a lot of lovely ladies on it, like Lana, Ginny, Jenny and some of the recurring ladies! Granny... meh she's okay for an old thing.

Yeah I like these two Emma and Gold. There is a kinky atmosphere between them anyway. But August might be afraid of the mighty cane too.

Eliza's 's are the worst, yes. stay on the good side.

A little honesty... I've actually had a miff thing over Graham. He was okay but after awhile he kinda reminds me too much of this other show I gave up after the fifth season Smallville Tom Welling. He was not my type. uh no sorry both. I was nearly forced to like him when I liked someone else, so that made my decision double accurate.
Thanks. LOL I actually think Granny's pretty for an old woman. xP Gives me hope that I won't look COMPLETELY bad when I age, haha.

Ooh, well I saw a spoiler for ep 17 (I think that's the one?), and

I never really watched Smallville, so I can't tell for sure what you mean. xD I'm not a huge Graham fan either, but he was likable enough. I certainly don't DISlike him.

khan: Really?? Daww, well thank yewww! ~feels gooey inside~ LOL
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