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Originally Posted by Fallen2 (View Post)
i don't think they'd use twitter 2 deliberately send messages,but tweets can still reveal mood nina's qotd song lyric about love going wrong & the sad song she linked 2 abt the same thing,ians vid with the bad love quote & -how differently we see things- pic all looks bad 2 me.
Well the song Nina tweeted was a song that's in the next TVD episode, so it's not like she was purposely looking up depressing love songs, Ian also tweeted his friends song to promote the band. Besides I'm always listening to 'Adele', probably some of the most depressing love songs in the world, but I'm perfectly happy. Ian is always tweeting philsophical tweets like those. I don't see the problem personally. They both looked in good spirits in the LA photo's so I doubt they'd be that happy if they'd broken up.
And did you see Ashley's earlier link which showed that Ian and Nina were together at a gig in Atlanta the other night. Nothing at all to worry about.
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