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im not a troll but im worried 3 weekends apart,nina not doing 1111 make a wish last week,now them finally 2gether but leaving the airport apart they've flown separately before but i never remember them arriving 2gether but leaving an airport apart!!! & if it was b/c of schedules & lack of time,wouldnt they at least walk 2 theyre taxis 2gether??? wouldve saved time.
& justjared knows things & -always- calls them a couple,but this time he didnt,must b a reason 4 that
& i don't think they'd use twitter 2 deliberately send messages,but tweets can still reveal mood nina's qotd song lyric about love going wrong & the sad song she linked 2 abt the same thing,ians vid with the bad love quote & -how differently we see things- pic all looks bad 2 me.
& nikki reed likely saw their names on party guest lists & assumed things,neither of them follow her so theyre not close,she prolly wouldnt know if theyd recently split.
& cadlymack had been playful abt them recently - eg her think he likes u tweet - but then yesterday did that abrupt -on the show- reply 2 someone asking abt them.
& imho it was just nina at stk on valentines day,b/c the @honestyjewlry ppl only mentioned meeting nina even tho ians more famous,& the report abt them both eating @ stk recently linked 2 a source dated before valentines.

i want 2 be wrong,u dont know how bad i want that & i know theyve had weekends apart before & r busy ppl & they did fly into lax together & mightve been 2 kelly clarkson 2gether. but 1yr ago i looked at lots of little things & realized they were 2gether & now im looking at lots of little things & seeing a split.things dont look good 2 me & its making me way sadder than it ought 2 i know its their lives but i want them 2 still be 2gether
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