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One day a boy had some tea that tasted like Jasmin. He took the sugar and poured it into the cup and slowly drank it. Then he started to run towards the tree and danced like a crazy bat that he saw on the wall. When suddenly a big butterfly flew in the window and stayed in the room for a little while. Suddenly he yelled when he stepped on a piece of glass that cut his toe. So after he bandaged his toe and sat down to tie his purple shoe lace. After all he went to see a friend who taught him everything he could be. He followed a strange path to the once beautiful garden. There was a tiny bird that was bathing in a puddle of water and flew into the small rose. It ate an apple and then it decided to fly out to a land where honey was flowing plenty. Suddenly a cold wind blew in from the West. He flew down to the old barn with the antique windmill and decided to make a huge sign on the piece of wood. The piece of wood was floating in a murky part of the stream. Then, he went on and continued being a dreamer. As the day went on, he continue to smack a pillow and scream at the one who wasted the big bag of
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