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^ So true, ITA.

Originally Posted by kitpurr (View Post)
I've honestly shipped Themma from the start but I'm very happy to see more people get on the bandwagon. I'm kind of paranoid they're going to wreck this ship as well though, which I really, really don't want to see happen.

Apparently Chando prefers Ethan with Emma but I think that might be because Christian is 5 years younger than her, which might be a little weird for making out. Then again for Christian I'd TOTALLY become a cougar. XD

Anyway, I'm okay with putting up with more angsty EE for a while as long as we get more beautiful friendship/bonding scenes between these two. But Thayer can't stay friendzoned forever!
I have too, and now they've become my OTP.

Yeah I read that in one of her interviews too.

ICAM. There might be a triangle in S2.
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